I don’t know if I should continue the relationship

I and my boyfriend had a fight on Saturday before the valentine, Pc I already knew this year was never going to be special just like others , so on Valentine’s Day we didn’t tell each happy val. I wasn’t even the starter of the fights, it was him who insulted me and I had to insult him back he then ghosted me all through. Reaching the day of valentine he didn’t even bother to wish me,!so did I , not until by 11pm he texted me saying happy val , that everyone deserves a gift. See me being happy that oh this year is going to be different not until yesterday we met each I asked for my gift and he was like where’s mine before I give you yours. I laughed because 2021 I sponsored our val food , last year I got him tees , shorts , and a Nike sneakers , and I haven’t never gotten a gift from him. This year I decided to watch and see , and I wasn’t given even a pen or anything, I was so pissed , then I told him why can’t I be gifted for once and he mentioned the other gifts he has give me I was like what are they ? He listed gown that looked like I was from the village, slide , and a slippers not like he got it when I wasn’t there , he just paid for my slippers because I took him to join me let me get a slippers and now he said he got for me as a gift huh? , have gotten this man Polos , two sneakers which he rejected the 1st sneakers, shorts , a wrist watch ,all boxed , have never gotten any boxed item from him never and he calls them gift , nothing attractive has he given me nothing and yet his still demanding for his remaining polo I promised him like .

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