I’m tired of faking orgasm

I’m in a relationship of 1 year and almost 2 years, this man has never gotten me to orgasm. I squirted once in a year which most times I intend to drink water before sex just to force myself to pee like is squirt, he has a 1.3-5 inches dick, it’s mini and am sex lover with high taste of naughty blends and all. I love him but I can’t cope with this, he dulls my spirit when we’re fucking, he cums so quick like so quick, I get so pissed and regret. He e barely last for an hour or 30-40mins, we’ve tried to him but no improvement and when I try to talk about this he picks a fight with me always . Days I’m super horny and when we see I just lost that feeling because he’s not good enough for it , I am tired. I even got toys but am tired of that too I want to feel sex and have mad fun in it , this man keeps blaming me it’s my fault that am to freaked nigga that’s not an excuse. Yesterday was the worst, this guy just inserted his dick I haven’t felt it yet he just cummed already, I was so quiet didn’t know what to say at all . I just want to break up but love keeps me here and am sad about that because within myself I know I don’t like it here