Diary palava

Parents should stop thinking they are right or assuming things …if you want to have a strong relationship with your child you need to form a bond the positive way because trust is very important and don’t go around telling everyone your child’s secrets. I just remembered when I was in sss1 I had a diary that I bought with my best friend, I wrote down how I felt and sometimes I use it to write down poems and quotes from different authors and poets because I have always been big on it. I kept my diary very far in my wardrobe where no one would see it but my mom read it and showed my stupid Aunty that love to instigate fight and drama. They showed everyone in the house I cried and felt betrayed by mom most especially that night when I found out because I never wrote anything negative in it but all my words were twisted by my Aunty , she gave them meaning 😭 till today I can never forgive them.

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