Boyfriend issue

I used to date this guy when I was writing my WAEC, at first I hated him because I wasn’t interesting in a relationship. We dated for three good months till our graduation then I found out that he has another girlfriend who he told me was his girlfriend. I was sad because the way I found out was bad but I forgave him and went my way. Lets fast forward it to now, we do talk but not as close as before then he apologized for everything and I told him it was okay and all that it was just a lesson for me and it was my fault for going into a relationship at the wrong time and we were but immature about it . We talk about random things sometimes about our relationship and I told him that I was single since then but not because of him but because of I need to concentrate on myself, school and my relationship with God and I am still a virgin . You won’t believe this idiot asked me out and I told him NO …I was so happy 😁

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