Have money

In this life have money, it is so funny and sad how people behavior changes when you are rich, I am not talking about me I am talking about my family. In the next 5 months I am going to be18, I have always lived with my aunt but I have noticed that their marriage has just always been a facade because of their children which is none of my business because sometimes you have to put your children over you. I have always considered my aunts daughter as my sister we did everything together, I give her my money even if it is the last money with me. I am mostly blamed for all her mistakes and everyone is always picking her side and that is not the worst thing, I am being bullied at school and I am doing my best to fit in , it is not my fault I am not pretty because I am wonderful created in my own way and my house is the worst it is like hell fire. I am just tired and depressed

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