Black Dahlia

I’ve never been so shocked in my life. The guy i was getting to know invited me over one day but told me he had nothing at home to eat and he couldn’t host me as a good girl that i am, i went to the market and bought him foodstuffs. He once told me he liked corn so i bought it, we weren’t even dating, i got to his house, boiled the corn and he didn’t even say a thank you. I dished it when it was ready in equal amount and i left some in the pot for him too. Two days later he started giving me attitude, i asked and asked , nigga said it was because of the corn. He said that I dished attractive ones for myself and gave him “chaff”,that as a man he needed to feed well and i didn’t do that. Saying i was shocked was an understatement,i was floored! I’ve never seen anyone so entitled! Anyways, i blocked him. As an Igbo girl, men no dey finish.

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