I feel so lonely, like I have no one to talk to. It’s so easy for people to talk to me about their problems but I can’t bring myself to talk to someone about mine. I just feel they won’t understand me, now I’m scared it’s slowly leading me to a depressed state.

My nigga’s gf

I have a nigga who is married but had a side chick (girlfriend), so along the line he left the girl around December 2020 because my nigga is chop and clean mouth. My nigga, the girl and I know each other, that we all chill out together and have fun when they were still together. However, me and this lady still talk on WhatsApp but i like the girl and she likes me too. She wants to date me, does it make sense for both of us to date? Should i tell my nigga that i like the girl?

Pussy drip

My girlfriend gets really dried whenever we’re having sex, I’m starting to feel she’s not sexually attracted to me or she’s used to hard sex. My sex game is good, I’ve tried talking to her about it but shit doesn’t change. My dick gets hurt whenever we’re having sex and she doesn’t even complain when she’s dried, like she enjoys it more, but that’s not what i want though. I love her regardless and i just wish it could get better.