It shocks me when I see the stories of men, who do so much for their wives and are undervalued and unappreciated. I just read of a man that his wives family even called impotent because they didn’t have a child yet and he started a business for her, all the other things he wrote and I’m in awe. I just need women that have this kind of good men with good intentions for them to please appreciate them, you don’t want to be with an unkind man I promise you. The stories I read here and the things I’ve seen some men claim their wives do to them, you can’t do it to every man and live to tell the story lol. I lived with an unkind man for 3 years and I can bet you it’s not fun getting punished for the tinniest things like wanting to work, i got punished for even questioning him about side chicks, punished to even food. My ladies please appreciate the good ones, kindness is rare.

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