I have been married for 7 years. In 2017 , my husband accused me of getting wet for my tutor which isn’t true. Today 3 years down the line , he is accusing me of sleeping with a neighbor whom I have nothing to do with. I’ve explained myself to him and even gone to several places where I’ve been proven innocent but he still insists that I’m not faithful. My issue is that we’re wasting so much time on this same convo and he’s so stuck in the past. I’m tired of the allegations and really wish to have some peace.

I would have left him when all these started but I have two children and a well paying job that I don’t even know which decision to take but I’m tired of all these and really wish we could move on to better things and stop.wasting time on trivialities.

I keep asking him if he caught me sleeping with another man or even flirting and he evades that question but I really want to move on

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