S*x Toy

I seriously need a sex toy before I cheat on my husband, at least it’s better than cheating 🤦‍♀️ We have discussed about our sex life “he claims he’s not sexually attracted to me “ and was attracted to me by other things but not sex. Sometimes he sounds like he forgets we are now married!! I’m seeing a doctor online and have put in work but still nothing 😀 .Yes I’m laughing , very funny since this husband of mine happens to be my first . I thought I was going to explore with him sexually, the good part is I’m not a freak but you can’t be starving me for weeks and months . Ok I accept but instead of starving me and for me not to cheat , I better get a sex toy . I’m a woman and I’ve gone through celibacy for several years for this same man due to distance , not in marriage again.

One comment

  1. Deep…
    But instead of cheating on him, try to find out what turns him on most. Every man’s got that thing, and when you finally get to know, trust me you’re gonna be shocked and thrilled at the kinda bucket list he’s gonna create for you. Wish you the best hun.

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