I’m very sorry

There’s this girl I treated wrongly. We met in school and became cool, long story short, we had sex and I ghosted her. I ghosted her because I was in a relationship and I didn’t have the courage to say it. She moved on and didn’t speak to me again. I texted her a few times to apologize, sent her some money . I got nothing but dead silence from her, even though I know she read my texts. I will admit that I hurt her, probably more than I realized. The weird thing was that an old friend of mine posted a picture of her on his WhatsApp story, at first I didn’t think it was her because she looked so different but I remember she has a birthmark on her chest and that was enough confirmation. I asked him who she was, he said she’s his friend and he wants to date her but they’re still in the talking stage. She looks even more beautiful. When we met, she was 20, I’m guessing she’s 24 or 25 now and I can’t help but regret my actions. I still get horny when I think of her . I saved her picture and I remember the mind blowing sex we had in her bedroom back in school. She’s a nice girl, I hope he’s good to her if they date but she’s quite hard to get so I doubt it.

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