Hi there,
I want to share this secret here with y’all . I had some issues so I went to live with my elder sister & her husband and after sometime, her husband’s niece came to visit . After a while , I started imagining things but I didn’t have the courage to say it out because we’re all in the same house . I always go out to drink at the hotel a bit far from house, I went there because the house was boring & she texted me that she wanted to come meet me . So later she came & one thing led to another , got a room and she followed me to the room . I held her , kissed her . To my surprised she returned the kiss and said what about the people at home ? I didn’t care and I asked her not to think about that , she should think about us . I switched off her phone & we made love all night . I fucked my in-law at any given chance . Morning, afternoon, evening & nights till the very last day I left the house . Because of that I couldn’t keep any relationship anymore because she’s everything, she’s so respectful, honest & loyal . Though I’m far from her now , she keeps sending me nudes telling how much she misses me & I miss her too . She said she regrets I’m not the one that disvirgined her so she promised me her asshole . I’m going to disvirgin her asshole too . I can’t wait to go back and continue from where I stopped

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