I will be turning 22 in a few days time but my life is already a mess . My parents are doing all they can to give me a good life but men are causing me to hate myself . Starting from being raped from a young age , till now it’s like guys see me as being only good for sex . Despite being intelligent, pretty and not a demanding type , nobody wants to get serious with me . Married men here and there deceiving me , single guys extorting and taking me for sex only . Now I really want to die . To top it up , I don’t have a single loyal friend . They all turn out to be with me because of what they get and also to have access to my men because I happen to be lucky with guys flocking round me . Deep down I know I’m paying for my father’s sins . My mum told me how he used to sleep with his students . Now all what men see me as is for sex only.


  1. I can be your friend. I’m far away I’m sure so I can be a friend to get you out of this if you want. I hope you save out there


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