My friend’s boyfriend introduced me to this guy. We started talking and chatting, we bonded. God is he so fineeee, you know how *when we were kids and we talk about our dream husband* well he is mine(physically) lol. But I didn’t really like him sha. Fast forward to the future when I started liking him , we had sex but now he’s drifting away. I love him now and I don’t even know what’s happening again . I keep praying to God that he loves me back . I don’t know if I’m being desperate .

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  1. Hey there!sorry to hear you are going through this,I’m a guy and mostly this kind of thing gets to happen if you have probably stalled and curved him for too long ….he was probably initially into you but just lost interest along the line but you came around and the sex thing happened…anyways just stick around if you really live this guy,give it sometime and gently and politely make your feelings known…he might change his mind


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