This fine girl just dey cry here since, say her boyfriend broke her heart. Omo me I don teya to dey hear story, open toto make I knack…… I finally knack am sha. But make I no lie, that story touched me, her ex wicked die. Myself fear, I no fit treat woman like that..
Take care. Make I go knack round two


Omo, guys wicked ooo, in space of three weeks, I have heard three different heartbreak stories from three different beautiful girls, myself no believe say, this kin girls fit chop heart breaks.
Fine girls dey suffer pass wowo girls. Haaaaa this last girl story touched me, no na, the bf wicked die.
Shoulder to lean on, go chop toto this night😂

Fuck Part 2

You all recall the guy, who narrated how he had sex with a girl who came to seek comfort because she broke up with her bf? I read all comments, THANKS. I followed your advice.Found another girl who just broke up with her bf, hooked her up with the old one.They asked for threesome, which I had to obey, as my dear close friends. We just finished having a massive threesome,😭, Aunties said, FUCK SWEET I!, LIFE SWEET DIE!, they are both on same bed talking as I type this. Good news is, both heart broken girls have found love through fuck 😘. THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE

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