He told me he’s not a one woman guy, the last time I was at his place he brought 5 different women home to sleep with. Of course I was hurt but because we are not in a defined relationship I couldn’t talk. His elder bro got back from UK and he came to stay with him, this man treats me well, he treats me like a woman, he made love advance to me and said he loves me regardless of being a maid he thinks I’m a maid because of how his brother act to me but I told him I’m his brother’s friend and we have a thing and I warned him not to try touch me again. It’s been 6months since I left, the elder bro still calls me, chat with me everyday while the younger bro no even send me, even when I call he snubs me. Now the younger bro is out of the country and the elder bro wants me to come and spend time with him. The truth is I like the elder bro but not relationship wise. I can’t have sex with two brothers.

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