Married guy episode

This started last year when the guy I really like told me he impregnated someone and she is about two months pregnant and i was like so you will marry are right ?he said no that she will only be his baby mama,then I said ok. Me getting home that day I went to check his IG page and then saw married to…fortunately for him he tagged her , so I clicked on her page and saw all their wedding photos and honestly speaking I broke down and then, I decided to act as if I know nothing. Till one day his wife messaged me and she was like our wife and I was like please do I know you? Then she told me she knows everything that is going on between me and her husband blah blah blah. Then I told her her husband said she was a baby mama and all sha and it was settled then .
So after that day i tired my best to avoid this guy so bad and I really did avoid him but he keeps coming back every time, so last week Friday he called me and was like can we go back to the way things were before and o told him it not possible that I don’t want wahala but he begged and begged so I was like ok that let me give him a chance back . On Tuesday he came we hangout sha and all ,when he was about to leave, I saw one shirt in his car and I love it then i was like he should give me then he said ok no problem and I took it but he told me not to post it on TikTok that his wife has fake account she uses to watch my videos blah blah blah then I said ok I won’t post it but honestly I totally forgot so I made videos with it and posted it. This morning I got a call from his wife again saying why I’m I wearing her husband shirt, then I was like is the cloth made for your husband only or did I come to your house to get it? Then she just started send me voice notes and insults, she even involved my mother but I still keep my clam till now ,cos I know myself. I’m only going to say one word and her marriage is over but i decided to keep quiet.

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