In need of happiness

I’m at the point in my life right now where money can truly buy my happiness. The situation of this country is wack, my parents are making life really unbearable for me ,I do chores from morning till night but it’s not enough for them they’re practically turning me into a useless person each passing day and at the end my mom is just praying for a rich husband to come and marry when I’m just 20… I really want to have a life of my own she limits everything to marrying a rich husband when I just want to work hard and make money of my own and leave her house whenever I and my sister try to start a business or learn a skill she totally disagrees and stop us From doing any other but chores at home… I really don’t know what to do.

One comment

  1. Sometimes family can be the demon in ones life, no offense.
    I had same experience, but mainly because my parents are late and my siblings are scared of me leaving their sight so I won’t come in harm’s way. It was so bad that I almost needed permission to breathe. Omo NYSC came I intentionally didn’t work it so I’ll be posted to any other state at all. Finally that was my escape route. I ran like never before and claimed they didn’t put me up for redeployment though I didn’t apply.

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