Bad experience

There’s this close friend of mine, her boyfriend is a womanizer, he invited me over, me thinking he wanted to talk about the issue he had with my friend, but instead he raped me and gave me #40k to keep it a secret, I was pissed off and I gave it back to him, later I discovered I was pregnant and I had to do the necessary because I can’t even talk about it to anyone, I had to protect my friendship with my friend, and guess what, she doesn’t appreciate every damn sacrifice I have mad for her, she’s so ungrateful and wicked, always rude and arrogant, if I watch her act stupid in my mind I just be like…I wish you know how much sacrifice I have been making for you to keep our friendship of 18 years, I hate her boyfriend and o can’t tell her about this shit because I don’t want to hurt her and I don’t want to ruin our friendship


  1. Liar!!you deserve it….Why would he want to talk to you about the problem he had with his gf?
    You did her no favor….you literally saved yourself from shame

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