family problem

To be honest, this thing called family help and problems don tire me because i don’t even understand anymore. Because y’all where raised with love amongst your siblings doesn’t mean you will die providing everyday and when you speak up why others don’t ginger for life just like you then they get upset and emotionally blackmail you with feelings. Shey family problem go ever finish one day? my omo no complete again ah God help!!!

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  1. E no even give me mouth shout sef cos what???!!!!😶 I’m in the exact same situation o, elderbro has been abroad for years but we’re the ones funding his lifestyle there… The money spent would’ve been enough to get a second degree or PhD abroad 😭 but we don waste am for another person head. As it stands now another problem don arise, he don beg finish say him don turn new leaf but I’m not buying that s**t. The guy’s a liar. The issue now it to raise another fund to travel again .. Omo I don wash hand comot, along side some of my siblings. The others are still pleading we comply and give him the last chance buttttttt…. I no fit. This last chance is my last card😂 and the money plenty die😭😭. God Abeg na

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