Friendship palava

I had a friend from my secondary sch,this babe was the first best friend I had and only sha, we were besties for 5/6 years. but she gives me this friend Ick like saying something extremely embarrassing to me infront of people, and making it look funny. I tolerated it till I couldn’t anymore so I confronted this babe but she just made me look stupid, so I just chose to stop complaining and started distancing myself whenever she does something that hurts me and this continued till I just couldn’t stand her anymore. This babe can legit shout at you in public, like calm sister you’re not my mama before I forget my hand on your face. I’m not the only one who has complained about her behavior but looking at her family I think it’s from her father she got that dirty behavior because her father just doesn’t respect himself. Well I decided this year that I wasn’t gonna tolerate her bull shit and I just couldn’t help but keep distance and I like it tho, there was a time I cried sha because I really loved her and took her as my sister but to hell with her. I even tried connecting our families but nahhh I’m not interested anymore, I’m in a happier place with people that gives me good vibes fr. I don’t care how long we’ve known, once you give me bad vibes I detach 😌 Idc if she’s in a good place though because honestly I won’t come and say I wish her well, no I wish her friends that’ll treat her the exact way she treated me and if she thinks she’s not wrong then there’s nothing wrong with the wish na😹😹

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