Pussymatized 2.0

Sex with her is more than just mere physical experience. As we explore each others bodies it’s as if she’s uncovering new depths of intimacy and vulnerability. It’s more than physical sensation, there is profound emotional connection that elevates the experience to something truly transcendent. I feel safe in her arms, in a way that is precious and rare. It’s an experience that that stays with me long after its over. She has completely ruined sex with my wife for me.

One comment

  1. Broo, pls stop this….cheating shouldn’t be normalized. If your wife isn’t satisfying you enough,talk to her about…help her improve. Don’t destroy your marriage because of pussy,trust me this “pussymatization” will soon clear.

    From this I can tell you’re somewhat young and you want not just sex but care that your wife may not really be giving you….you want someone who actually sees you and listens idk and you feel like exploring that outside your marriage but trust me you’ll only end up more damaged,change before it’s too late….look for ways to connect better with your wife emotionally and sexually

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