My Girlfriend

Dating a white lady is the best thing to ever happen to me. I moved out of Nigeria last year. I shared a post about it here on this platform. I met different ladies who were so ready to spend on me just to have me to themselves. Dated several ones but you see this last one I’m dating, she is my final bus stop, though she is older than me. Her clique of friends works in exxon mobil and big financial institution here in the country. Seriously have had peace of mind ever since I met this lady. Guess what we going to 5 different countries this year alone for vacations. All cost covered by her and visas are already in process. In all, Alhamdullilah

One comment

  1. This one wan set himself up shaa.

    All I can say is; Be careful while enjoying yourself.

    I’m happy for you though.

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