I lost my mum recently, it’s not even up to a week. I regret staying away from her just because I wanted to be free from her, can’t believe the last time i saw her was in November 2022 she told me she was ill but was only sending money for her to take care of herself. I wish we had more time and she always wanted me to be close to her but i guess I needed to be alone but it hurts so bad. The worse part is that I pretend to be strong, smile and laugh alot if only you know how much i miss her and the pain I’m going through. So many things i want to tell her now but i can’t, i have even refused to see her body just so I don’t break down completely. But why did God have to take her away she was a very good human why nah 😭😭😭💔❤️‍🩹

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