I have a boyfriend of a year plus, I love him but I can’t say the same for him. He has had multiple partners (sexually). I do confront him yet the same thing happens. All we do is have sex, nothing else. He was the one who took my virginity, I know that’s why I can’t leave him.


  1. Something happened to me, couldn’t seem to leave a toxic relationship because he was my first, but the earlier you lock up and leave the better for you, right now I’m better than I’d ever dream to be with that ruin of a human😂🥰. Life is really happening, just wake up.

  2. Madam, forget your hard girl and call him. Ignore that lady advise. How sure are you that the next guy you’ll meet wouldn’t be worst?

    Even the adviser above secretly, wants to keep in touch with her ex.

    Dey play

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