Always known he belonged to the streets ! 😅

My cousin’s ex called her out here, said she goes on dates & he retaliated by bringing a girl with banging body to his house Oh Oops! he skipped the house part abi? 😂 Also didn’t mention that they’ve been off for a while because he cheated while abroad and got back with an STI, he came begging seeing that my cousin was healing from the whole trauma! And now got to know that while they were apart, my cousin attended an ex classmate’s wedding in company of another male former classmate…all mutual friends, & that’s what he narrated here as ‘his girl has been going on multiple dates.’ Lol
I told my cousin if she won’t speak up, me I ll talk, now he wants to gaslight her into thinking she’s just being jealous because he won’t cut ties with the said girl where as my cousin is telling him his behavior was why she has been skeptical about them coming back again.
SMH Uncle c, you are lucky this forum doesn’t permit long epistle sha 🤭

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