For the Best

I stopped loving my boyfriend of two years and so months because he cheated on me so I decided to cheat back. I fell in love with the guy I cheated on him with, my guy never found out about it so the guy broke up with me because I have a boyfriend so I continued cheating because the love I have for my boyfriend is no longer there. I met another guy, he asked me out and I told him I have a boyfriend and he said he doesn’t have a girlfriend not knowing the bastard was lying. After we fucked I felt so attached to him then he opened up that he has a girlfriend and am the one that gave him the best sex of his life but he can’t keep me. I cried because I was heartbroken, then I broke up with my boyfriend because I feel like am using him, I don’t want to waste his time again. I told him am not perfect for him I pray he finds someone that will love him the way he wants he’s a nice guy. He begged me not to leave but I can’t lie to myself even if I lie to the world the love is no longer there, I can’t marry someone I don’t love. I can’t I want to start my 2023 new single with positive mind set.

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