My greatest regret 1

Back then when I was in ND1 I had this neighbor who was in HND1 so we became close friends due to the fact that we were the only student living in our house back then so I spend most of my time while at home in her room gisting and all sort of that she does not allow me to cook my self she does it all for Me just because of our closeness and friendship. Later on we became intimate along the line sex happened it was great though with no regrets

My greatest regret 2

And eventually she took in with no doubts the foetus is mine but she had a fiancee back then who is now her husband. Luckily for her we were on holidays she had to go to her fiancee place to spend her holiday with him but before we left school the pregnancy was just three weeks old so it was easy to trick the husband in believing that the pregnancy is his with no doubts. She finally gave birth to the baby later on she got married to the love of her life. Meanwhile I was denied the chances of claiming my child back, then I was still young just a boy of 18 year old, I couldn’t share with my friends and families

My greatest regret 3

3 years ago I wanted my son back but she kept yelling and shouting on me that I want to send her out of her matrimonial home. She went on reported me to her mum because her mum knew of the incident so she warned me sternly that I should never move near her daughter and her grandson again but I didn’t listen to her. She went on threatening my life both physically and spiritually, sometimes she appears in my dream

My greatest regret 4

still threatening me, as time went on I lost my job which pays me #600k monthly, later on she appeared to me in my dream telling me I had lost my job now and that’s just beginning for me, I haven’t seen anything. It’s been 3 years now this woman has made my life more miserable than I could ever think.

My greatest regret 5

Both parents have gone spiritual on my issue yet no solution to it, this woman is seriously dealing 😭😭😭with me just because I want my son back. It has been hell for me for the past 3 years, my son would be 11 year old this November all I want is to be part of his life and I hope he forgives me because I surely know a day will come and the truth would be revealed to him. I love you my son😭😭😭😭😭😭


  1. Pls reach out to me @angular_perspective_ i was in a similar situation. I can let you know how i dealt with my situation.

  2. Guy stop pushing for what can kill you. I don’t think you have any legitimate stance both spiritually and physically. Save your self the stress and get a job and try to build your own home. Let the lady be!

  3. Wait…..So u let another man train your child until he was 8 then you wanted to go and claim him and destroy the family???? Your first mistake is letting her get pregnant and marry.
    If u no ready for responsibility at 18 why create one for yourself? Na your son and she values the peace of her home. Now you’re battling spiritually.

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