Spirit spouse shii

Okay! I used to think there was nothing like the spirituals but I learnt the hard way ever! Took me time to know what was wrong. Took the details into consideration from waking up to sudden marks on my body when I was little up until having sex in the dream when I was of age and much more seeing my cum in my panties. Always had luck with meeting men that’s help me in all ways but sudden disappointments would come in and ruin them for me. Never knew the fault was from me until I went to church and I was told lol! My life became a movie instantly! Like how did I end up here? Sigh! Things are happening…we just don’t know maybe out of being naive or nonchalant but either ways I am ready to fight that demon! He’s not gon take my current man from although he tried but he failed and whether he likes it or not, matches are made by God not by him! And henceforth I will never have setbacks cause it’s my time to shine!!!

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