I’m 24 and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep my sanity for much longer. I just saw my girlfriend and gave her a goodbye message and I’m thinking of how to leave one for my parents even as I write this I’m in tears. My world has turned upside down, I’m about to watch my goals and dreams go down the drain. I try to keep a happy face but in my solitude all I think about is to make the pain stop.

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  1. Embrace yourself and speaks out to those around you and most people you can confide in… suicide won’t make your loved ones happy but rather give them unending sorrow, your path is great and that’s why you’re facing these challenges, life had thought me more than enough am still living and never will i give in any thoughts of suicide.. you can reach out to me 07065145253.. I love you and won’t mind to share some experiences with you

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