Definitely Bisexual

I’m a girl who was once before just curious if I was bi, but recently I met the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she’s bi too, I told her I was bi too and we spoke. We both do yoga too and the first day we met we did yoga together. Thing is I’m sexually attracted to her but I don’t know how to ask her out. This is my first time trying to ask a girl out. She made me realize fully that I am bi. This is what men deal with trying to get a girl lmao

Definitely bisexual pt 2

Yesterday I found out that my bf knows the girl that I have been slowly trying to get close to so we can hook up. She even called him to tell him to take care of me very well unless she’ll take me from him. I was shocked how they knew each other and I don’t know how she found out we are dating. Now I know she likes me but she knows my bf . If I made a move I’d have casted. Either way plans ruined and I’m upset. Maybe I can suggest a threesome 😋

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