What do I do?

Been dating this guy for over a year, he was my everything. The love was really strong but then came his anger issues. The first time he hit me I broke up with him but he begged so much and called everyone to beg me too. Fast forward to when he cheated and I caught him, another break up again but this time I forgave him. He was in rehab for 5 months it was very difficult for us with the whole distance thing. We had a little argument after he found out I traveled without his knowledge while he was away. It turned to something else when I also opened up that I cheated while he was away. He beat me so hard I had a cracked strenum (breastbone) and had 15 episodes of convulsions. I spent 5 days in the hospital. It was hell for me. I want to get him beaten up and arrested by military but the problem is I still love him. Remembering this makes me so depressed. I’m confused if I should go ahead with my revenge.


  1. Please, don’t bother to go back to him, cos no matter the love u show, he will continue to beat you, forget about him and move on
    Please run for dear life if it is important to you.
    My little contribution niyen

    1. Please arrange the beating with soldiers he needs to hv some sense infused into his head not to hit a woman.What if you died ?
      Think of that before you think of going back to him

  2. Pls you can go back to him but before you do, make sure you buy your casket and make burial arrangements for yourself, so you don’t stress your loved ones when he’s done dealing with you.

  3. When he beat you, he was in love with you. Don’t forget that. Arrange that beating even tho you love him. Let him feel what you felt. Ps; in your next life you won’t know him fam. You only know him in this life. Arrange that beating please. If it’s meant to be you’ll still settle and laugh about the beatings. If it isn’t meant to be he’ll learn his lesson and never hurt any other girl. Do it for your gender so another girl doesn’t get hurt by him living with the fact that he can hurt any Girl and get away with it.

  4. Pls dear leave that relationship oo
    Convulsion is not a joke and mind you have already had a history of it now so be careful oo
    Don’t say u were not informed….
    Don’t bother calling military men for him cos when u do so it you are automatically investing ur emotions in that relationship and eventually you will come up and apologize to him…….
    Be careful

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