All through my teenage to adult years I struggled to loose weight. It’s really not easy growing up as a fat kid, people have a lot of opinions. I constantly got compared to other people who fit into the beauty standards. “Slim”. Well I lost a lot of the weight now, but I still don’t feel beautiful. Some people have rated me an 8 or 9 and I can’t see it. Al I still see in the mirror is the fat kid and stretch marks. Lol. I’m trying to love myself though

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  1. Trust me, being fat or obese is not good for you. Forget what your fellow ladies are saying. Especially those “Yass queen” chanters.
    You decided to put in the work and lose weight. It’s not easy. I’m genuinely happy for you.
    I’ve not met you but I’ll boldly say you’re the most beautiful thing to grace anyone’s life in a lifetime.

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