Genuinely worried.

About “my babe”. her bestie mistakenly posted a video where she was necking and kissing another guy. I use hacked whatsapp so I got it even though she deleted it. Problem is, I’m not angry, not even one bit, I didn’t even confront her, she’s dating herself now though. It’s been weeks now but I’m still not angry, am I normal?

People are funny

I said the girl cheated but I’m not angry, they’re saying I’m in denial. Are you me? The pain men feel when she cheats comes from having unrealistic expectations. I’ve always had options on the side. I’m not angry, I’m just done. and the same girl still dey mumu for me, it’s satisfying to watch her date herself.

One comment

  1. Bro, turn her to side chick.
    Find another main chick. Do not think twice about this.
    Forget her. She’s for the streets man.

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