I am thinking of dropping my girlfriend, with every passing day I lose trust in her, all her friends are hoes that for a fact I know because they share all their runs and cheating escapades with my babe. Show me your friend, you know how the adage ends. She’s also a virgin so its one hell of a complication for me. I mean, I don’t want to end up with someone all her friends will be giving bad advices. She has it better than all her friends but she doesn’t seem to see it that way, I provide for her a whole lot, most of her friends boyfriend are bums or broke ass (no disrespect). I have built so much value in myself to settle for a woman who wouldn’t be compliant. I want someone that can stay in one place and be taken good care of. I started planning for her MSc in the UK, I think I will scuttle the plans and start planning my exit.


  1. Do what you feel is right bro.
    Though I’d drop her if I were you. I no get strength to dey reason any small thing wey babe dey do

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