I’m exhausted and Alone. But I need an encouragement

I am just tired of my life right now. I’m a 24 years old girl with a very good paying job. I should have started my self sponsored masters Degree now if not for ASUU 😒 but there is no man in my life 😔, I really want a man I can share my life with 😒. I have been in a talking stage with this guy and when I felt something for him he told me he’s talking to someone else 😭. Although he claims he still loves me. Am I wrong for telling him “I won’t chase him, that his heart knows where it belongs”? I’m tired of being lonely. I just want some words of encouragement that there are still good guys out there (i almost committed suicide from the last heartbreak I had. So is it wrong that I took my time with him? ). And the sad thing is that I am not the kind of a man will impress with material things… Can you guys please send me virtual hugs and kisses 😔😔I’m exhausted……


  1. Dear, don’t feel bad about it. The right person for you is out there looking for the better woman for himself🤗🤗

  2. Sorry dear, you will be fine… 🤗🤗🤗
    I was depressed too, but talking helped me out of it. If you wanna just talk you can hit me up. I am also looking for friends. @Wande5 on Telegram.🤗

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