You’re going through a lot but it will pass.

It’s sad to say you’re now my ex, but eyy you’re still my friend. I don’t know what made you fall apart or if it’s some other nigha or if it’s what you’re facing at the moment. I always say it will pass cause I’ve been in situations and they’ve passed. I’m not fit to be your father and mother at the same time but bet you know I loved you like one. Feb 14 was when we started I thought we’d celebrate yearly anniversary and baecations but all cut short. Love yourself more and believe you can achieve anything. Don’t let your mental health get the best of you. I’m hurt but I try to understand everyday that what will be will be. I know you’d see it because you’re always here on connotare. I hope one day we’d see the brighter side but till then. It’s just been you and I and thank you for the time even tho they become memories I’ll miss. Fear Not, I’ll be a better man.

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