Questions I should have asked before you left.

* Why did you tell me you love me first
* Why did you lead me on knowing fully I was avoiding relationships when we met
* What changed don’t lie to yourself cause I know I was supportive emotionally and financially.
* You were always at peace whenever you’re with me 
* How is it easy to meet someone else and you think he’s the right one
* why would you say you find it hard to love back when you made me fall in love. I was on my own when you sent the text. 
*Why did you travel down to Lagos multiple occasions when you know you didn’t feel love.
*why did we create so much memories.

I’m pained but trust me I’ll be the last of the good guys you’d meet. You started the relationship and you walked out breaking me. I’ll stay good, it’s hard to say I still love you mehn.

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