Emotionally tired

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years now, he’s outside the country but ever since he has left we’ve been trying to make the relationship work and it has been working though we have our up and downs, good days and bad days too but we always make things work he always make efforts too for us. Lately he has been complaining about being busy and all he doesn’t really give me attention like before and now it’s looking like I’m the one forcing myself on him tho I’m sure he loves me 100%. We haven’t been talking for about a week now the last time I called him he said he’s going through a lot and things aren’t okay with him that he’s tired of everything but I shouldn’t worry that he’s with me so I guess he needs space but since then he hasn’t texted or even call 💔so I texted him yesterday and he’s said a lot has changed from his side and he’s not in his right state 🥺. I don’t know what to do he hasn’t been making efforts like he use to and scared and tired 😓 . I really don’t want to loose him .I don’t know what to do could it be that he’s tired and doesn’t love me again?

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