I’m 20, in 3/5 level in tertiary institution, a medical studnt. I worth like #5m through online business not mainly yahoo though, I’m so lowkey and no one knows this, even my girlfriend or siblings that are close to me can’t guess I’ve up to that. I sometimes feel pressured like buying a ride but it could distract me in my educational carrier and also get my dad upset at me because he’s a strict man and doesn’t entertain young guys riding with no physical job. I always help my mom and have been helping myself through everything in school but dad still pays my tuition. Don’t know what to do with my funds, just saving and I’m afraid because banks or online wallet might be blocked one day. I think of building somewhere but that’s so uncalled for because my elder brother just got a house and my mom is building too, my dad has house also and I’m too young to decide where to actually live or establish my future. Planned to study abroad but this is not an easy task and might be scammed , I truly wish to use my money productively but i need little advices because people think I knows everything meanwhile I’m hungry for a life advice too


  1. You don’t have to do anything right now, you’re young and have time to figure it out, what I’ll advice is save in dollars not naira, you would make more money in doing so. Getting anything right now would attract unnecessary attention.

  2. Save your money in dollars, the naira is depreciating fast. Study hard and get excellent grades, it’ll be very beneficial to you. You can easily get a scholarship abroad, they love first class students or people that get up to 80%. Then when you finish, relocate abroad, get good agent, like travelbeta or naijatraveller to process it. But first learn a skill, every just barbing hair is easy money abroad, when u do home service, or learn truck driving. Later, Apply for a job abroad, there are many sites online to do so. You’ll be fine

  3. I agree with the first statement. I’m a 4th medical student too although. I don’t do yahoo but I get a fat allowance from my dad and I never get to spend it all even if I wanted to. I’ve been saving for after graduation cuz I know then I’ll have to be independent. I save in binance wallet as dollars. You don’t have to worry much.

  4. See…… just go buy land somewhere and let it appreciate
    When the time comes for you to spend the money,the land you bought at #2m will be worth more than what you bought it.🎤🎤

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