Just slightly saw my sister’s account balance yesterday and it was reading over #50k and she’s always singing she doesn’t have any money. I know I’m not entitled to her money but she earns almost #300k a month and doesn’t even give the family up to #20k , to think our father sent her to one of the best schools in Nigeria. All she does is buy shoes , wigs and spend on her own family ( which is right ) but we suffered for her sake when we were younger deprived ourselves of some things, when I couldn’t get admission earlier this year my other sister said the whole family can’t pay #600k for me a year in a private university ahh I was heartbroken , yet they have expensive iphones and expensive wigs 💔 God, not to talk of my parents , my parents are suffering . My dad doesn’t manage his pension well and my mum lost her business 💔 . Just earlier this month they asked her for money and she said she doesn’t have , she always doesn’t have . I feel she just sends us little food stuff because she feels guilty , but I’m not going to lie I would do more for my family if I were in her shoes 💔 . It is so unfair , I even get clothes and a few things . My brother and mum get almost nothing . Life sucks honestly .I hope God makes our lives better through my mum because she’s the only ones who’d remember all of us .

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  1. I understand you, I wouldn’t say I’ve been there but I’ve experienced similar situation. Soon you’d have all you’ve wished for, sending you ♥️

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