Men are ATM to me

I’m sorry but I honestly see men as atm machines and nothing more. I don’t hate men, but I hate their unapologetic and uncontrolled sexual desires . During the lockdown I discovered I could reach orgasm without touching myself at night, I just need to rub my thighs against my clits and I get the most electrifying feeling ever. Prior to that, I’ve been having sex without orgasm , some great , some bad but definitely no orgasm. I didn’t mind until I finally got an orgasm. Now I feel men are so useless because common orgasm dey no fit give. Just panting and doing gymnastics on bed. Talk a big game but he coming in 3 secs talking about “damn baby, your pussy so sweet and tight- I don’t usually cum this fast”. Liar oshi. The worse are the ones that say “you’ve not met the right ones”- they are rubbish on bed. Another funny set are the ones that know they want to cum fast, they stop pounding and start eating pussy or kissing so that them themselves will calm down so they don’t cum fast- scope wey don cast finish😂. Funny enough, even lesbianism is meh too. (Yes, I tried- twice with different girls and failed). So now I just do hookups and collect money and block the guys because honestly I don’t need them “hi beautiful” me to death everytime they are lonely or Horny. Giving myself orgasm has saved me from unnecessary stress and wasting my body count. I see men as nothing but ATM machine abeg. That’s their only use. Maybe when I want to give birth , I’ll finally have more use for them as sperm donors . 🙄

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