Infertility scare

I’ve been having sex since when I was 16, I am 25 right now and I have had 7 pregnancy scares because the guy came inside but each time I’m not pregnant. I’ll be so happy but recently I’m thinking what if I’m infertile. The anxiety is getting worse lately because I thought I was for sure pregnant this time last week when my period was one week late, I even told my guy that I might be pregnant and because he’s financially stable and ready for marriage, he said “let Gods will be done “ – Godwill ni- Akpabio ko😭😭. Abeg o, I don’t want it right now. Just for me to see my period when I woke up at night to ease myself and my period started. I’m thinking what if I’m infertile, there’s no case of infertility in my lineage though or am I just lucky? I’m very scared . At this point, I know I can’t marry an Igbo man, make relatives no carry me disgrace for market because “I am not a real woman”. I need to marry someone that he and his family are okay with the idea of surrogacy or adoption. Or is this just anxiety? 😭

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