I hate the place that I’m in, I hate that I let you have this sort of control over me even when you’re not here with me anymore. I hate that I see you everywhere God I hate you so much. I fucking hate how selfish you are. 

I want to forget all about you, I want to meet someone new. I don’t want love or any of that stupid shit. I want to feel wanted again. 

Like a friend with benefits- a really hot one. Maybe someone that looked like you- broad shoulders and brown eyes. I want another guy that would want me so bad and do wild things with me.

You only wanted sex from me right? Stupid mf 

I hate you and I hate how I know you’re happy now while I’m hurting 

You hurt me!! You know you hurt me and you still live your life like you didn’t tear me apart? Wtf is your problem? Why do this to me again ?

I need to get laid like asap! Lol I’ve been deprived for a long ass time 

I want to get wild wild sex and forget all about you. But then it feels like a wrong thing to do 

But what the hell! You’re having sex with anything that wears a fucking skirt so 

Imma find me a hot guy and probably seduce him or something lol

I need to get you out of my fucking mind 

And good dick would do that.

Even if I know it’s wrong and it’s not something that I’ll normally do 

But I don’t care anymore 

You’ve hurt me too much and you’re still hurting me.


  1. Abeg ooo,please let’s do this..I’m a guy and I meet this quality,I’m so deprived too ..I only just need a female buddy solely for this ..dear poster how do we connect??

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