Aza man repentance

Three years of doing aza man work, I never chose this but I had no other means of survival after nysc and this just came through for me, In 2020 I had a bad experience with this job and I vowed never to do again and to be careful but sapa hit so hard and my girlfriend then now turned ex really frustrated me, I got back to it again. After she drained me financially. we went separate ways. Now trying to get my life together, learning visual arts from the little savings left, I needed fund to boost the training and gets gadgets for start up but no help from no one. I decided to do aza man for a little while again. Just when I started, it flopped and to avoid troubles I had to pay debt #120k from the little savings I have. That’s the end. I will just hope on God to make a way for me financially till I finish learning this visual arts and start a normal life with a legal job. Atleast now I can sleep in peace with no thoughts of police and efcc. I hope this new “legal” life favor me

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