Hmmm, i can’t do this anymore πŸ˜”, i don’t feel happy anymore πŸ˜”, i feel so sadπŸ˜”. I don’t know what’s wrong,i can’t talk to no one about it because I’m tired of just hearing words. I need something to happen, I can’t feel myself πŸ˜”, I’m tired of enduring each day. I live each day hoping to see the next πŸ˜”, i don’t want to die, i just want this pain to end. I don’t deserve any of this happening to me. I can’t think straight πŸ˜”, my self esteem is so fucked up. I feel I’m not good enough,i feel so insecure about myself
Do i really mean anything to anyone πŸ˜”
I’m literally crying right now because no one will understand. I don’t know if God hears me. If he does,i need him to help me out and make me happy.

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