Toodles SA

I got a job offer recently, the salary was small and I could not even use it to get myself by monthly. At first I thought of declining the offer but on second thought I accepted it( small beginnings, right?). Barely hours I had accepted, I got a better offer. I felt really bad having to sent a rejection letter after accepting even though I had not resumed. The fear of letting down other or making that feel bad or angry is too much in me. I wish I had the “I no send your papa” vibe.


  1. I understand you and what you felt was definitely valid. Don’t beat yourself up about how you felt. However, i think you know what’s best for you and the best thing is to go after what’s best for you. If it bothers your sweet soul a lot, you can sneak in an apology in your resignation letter but never let these feelings keep you from doing what’s best for you. You matter too. ♥️💡

  2. Comrade, this company wouldn’t bate an eyelid about letting you off if you missed work for a week cos of SAPA. They would even query you for accepting the offer when you felt it wasn’t sufficient.

    For instance, I’ve been searching for a job too for a while. A friend linked me up with a company and I dunno if they felt I was so desperate, they offered me 30k as salary. 30k for my valued over 9 years of experience and specialization? Omo, told them they could keep their money. 30k wasn’t even gonna be sufficient for transportation for the money🤷🏽‍♂️. Wouldn’t downgrade my value cos I’m desperate.

    Las las, everything go dey alright.

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