I’ve been into a relationship with this guy for over 9 months and I’ve been the one paying for his feeding, hair cut, data and other petty stuff. He has been living with his male friend and this friend of his always try to embarrass him at any given chance because he doesn’t have money or anyone. I decided to rent a room for him to move into because of peace of mind and i would still be the one bringing all the house appliances as well and i could visit my man when i want to. I work as a sales girl earning just #15,000 while he does nothing at all just pressing his phone and expecting miracles. My boyfriend has anger issues and has beaten me more than twice but those beating was because I cheated more than once on him and he found out.

T.B.C confused

And we both agreed that once i get him the apartment he would start riding keke to earn money for himself while i stop working and learn a trade which he agreed to. One thing about him is that once he gets angry, he is ready to destroy any thing and he easily blocks me on whatsapp or my number. He has so many flaws same way i have many flaws but the next two minutes he is calm as ice. I’ve insulted his father before for abandoning him to suffer which i shouldn’t have, his mum is late I’ve been his only family because he is an only child but he has half sisters from different father and mother. We love each other no doubt, i have a very bad past which he knows about and never used any against me but would not allow me go out alone. I don’t know if i should leave or stay because he thinks i have so much money and i am just being selfish with it. I’ve spent all my savings on him and I’ve started to beg for money because of him which i’ll never do when it comes to me. I don’t know if he is still with me because of love or because he wants to get help through me until he settles and kicks me out of the picture.


  1. Things are hard already, don’t add to it. If he’s not willing to take initiative or get something doing, stop spending on him at least. There’s a high chance you’d get hurt in the long run. He is not your responsibility. No need wearing a shoe you can’t fill. Enjoy your money sis, you worked hard for it. ♥️💡

  2. You are carrying a load that you ain’t supposed to carry. Nothing good will come out of that parasitic relationship. Leave the guy and use your savings to improve yourself by either learning a skill or trade and further your education.

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