Should I leave ?

My boyfriend has this thing where he doesn’t text me for days. It’s very tiring
I’ve talked about it to him so many times
And he always say he’ll do better
We had a big argument and he got better
I currently realized that he actually didn’t change. I always talk to him, hence he replies so it doesn’t look like his ghosting me but he has never just texted first or out of the blue. It feels like I’m forcing him to talk to me and if he has a chance to go even a day without talking to me he won’t hesitate to do it. I really care about him
But Omo I don tire abeg
Plus at first he used to do sweet things for me like send money get gifts
Which I do in return !!
But now I can’t remember the last time he did anything for me
I don’t even ask
But one day I tried to ask for something baba just curved me as soon as possible
Omo sapa nice one

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