I think he his the one

I have been single for more than a year
Yes I have had situationship and entanglement but I just wanted more (love)
I just wanted to be loved by a guy genuinely. So April this year I was in a friend’s house and her friend came to visit. Later my friend told me that the guy likes me, I didn’t really say anything though. She gave him my number and before he could talk or ask me out I told him bluntly that I can’t date him and to be honest my reason was because he doesn’t have money which I know is kinda silly but I was looking for a rich guy. And to be honest now I have realized that rich guys actually don’t have sense, they think it is all about the money. Any ways this guy is back again and he his trying to ask me out (I am so going to say yes because I am so into him now, who cares about the money). He is willing to give me genuine love ,care and attention so what else am I looking for. I actually feel like he might be the one💃💃🥰🥰❤❤❤ Finally

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